Sunday 12th May

8am to 3pm


Who's organising this?

The registered charity FOWPS - Friends Of Whitchurch Primary School.


Have you done this before?

Yes, in May 2014, 2015, 2017, and again in 2018. Each year has been an outstanding success with a huge number of riders coming back next time. We are sticking with the same great format, including the fantastic cakes!  Our aim is to make this the best-run, most scenic, most relaxed bike ride in the UK.


Is this Police- or council-approved?

Yes. We have worked with the Police, County and Borough councils and followed their processes and best-practice for events on the public highway.


Are there age limits for children?

Yes - for the 20-mile route the age limit is 8 years old, for the 40- and 60-mile routes it is 12 years old. If you have an amazingly capable experienced cyclist child who falls under these age limits, please get in touch to discuss.


Do I have to wear a helmet or Hi-Viz?

That's entirely up to you.


How will bikes/riders be marked?

At registration you will be given a laminated A5-sized 'number plate' with your unique rider number on it. This gets attached to your bike with zipties (provided) Once the event is over, you can leave it there as a proud memento, pin it to your noticeboard, the fridge, etc. The spoke card will have the ride emergency contact number on it.


Can I get there by public transport?

Not really. Local buses don't carry bikes, and Southwest Trains services to Whitchurch are extremely limited on Sundays, only carrying 2 bikes per train every two hours.


What's local accommodation like?

Good. Lots of options. Check out whitchurch.org.uk for details


Is there anything for my family to do while I ride?

Yes - lots. Check out the town website above for things to do.


Can I do half of a ride?

Yes. But please tell us by ringing the event organiser number or telling a marshal if you are going to only ride half or have to pull out for any reason.


My kids aren't up to 20 miles - what's the go at the pub in Stoke?

The White Hart is the best pub you've never heard of. They don't have a Facebook page or even a website, so here's the Google Streetview link. Brian and Margaret run a lovely pub, and you really do feel like it's a home - because it is! They prepare the Sunday meals fresh - usually a beef or pork roast, they also do chicken curries and other good stuff. For children they can do nuggets, and usual kid's menu fare. Prices are £10 for adults. Because a significant number of people are expected to have lunch on the day, please make sure to enquire as to menu and book in advance direct with them on 01264 738830. They have a skittle alley and table tennis, lots of outdoor seating as well as a large grassed area for kicking about on and loads of off-road parking. Your plans might change during the day, so please tell the ride helpers at the pub if you plan to not complete the ride. The course will be all packed up and marshals gone by 3pm.


Will you run a 'sag wagon' ?

No. If you are injured or fall ill we will do our very best to help you get medical attention or to get you back to the start. But this will only be for genuine emergency or illness - not just because you're knackered. So please choose your route to suit your ability. If you flat and run out of tubes, or find your puncture kit glue has turned to dust, please don't expect rescue. We are going to be busy running an event, not looking after people who came ill-prepared. Please help us to help you enjoy the day - be prepared.


Will there be refreshments after the event:

Yes, there will be a fantastic BBQ (with vegetarian options) after the event, or you are welcome to picnic in the lovely grounds

- here's a couple of pics.



















Is there entry on the day?

No, but you will be able to sign up until a few days before the event, unless full.


What if it rains or blows a gale?

The event will go ahead unless the Met Office issues a yellow weather warning for heavy rain or high winds within 24hrs of the start time. In the event of a weather warning, the event will be postponed to another date. No refunds will be given, but free entry to the rescheduled event will.


What if I have to pull out for any reason? Do I get my £18 back?

If it's more than 4 weeks to go, yes - just drop us an email. If it's less than 4 weeks to go, sorry, no refund. It's only fifteen quid. Think of the children :-)


Support and Safety

Please remember that you are entirely responsible for your own safety whilst taking part in the Primary Pedal and FOWPS / Whitchurch Primary School  accept no responsibility for any injury that you may sustain or damage you may cause whilst participating in this event.


We have done all the required plans for the Police/local councils, and followed accepted best-practice in the running of participation cycling events. We won't get you to sign a disclaimer as they aren't worth the paper they are written on. But in choosing to ride the Primary Pedal you acknowledge that you and you alone are responsible for your safety out there. And for the safety of any children you bring along. We won't route you off a cliff. We will put up signs warning of hazards like busy intersections or steeper-than-usual bits. In return, you agree to ride sensibly and within your ability, allowing for the errors or actions of others and Mother Nature in general.


There will be some marshals along the route. Their job is not to direct traffic in any way but they are there to help you navigate the route. If you have a problem of either medical or mechanical nature and you are near a marshal, please inform them and they will endeavour to offer assistance. Marshals are not medically or mechanically trained, but will be able to call for medical or mechanical back-up if required.


In addition you will be issued with the ride emergency phone number on the spoke card. If you are in difficulty, please call this number or contact a marshal and we will endeavour to reach you as soon as possible. Due to the nature of this ride and the distances involved, assistance make take some time in arriving. If you are in an area where there is no phone signal please ask other riders to inform the event organisers when they see a marshal or reach an area of phone signal.


Important: When you request assistance, we need to locate you as quickly as we can. To help us do that, it is useful to know which route you are riding and how many kilometres or miles you have completed so far. If you have a bike computer and you start it when you set off, you should have this information and should give it to the organisers when you call. Knowing which part of the route you are on by distance covered will help us locate you.



Who can I contact if I have any queries?

Please email: fowps@whitchurch.hants.sch.uk


Sarah Dutton

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